Before I tell you about myself…
I would like to know something about you:

Why do you want to become better at soccer?

Do you want to impress your coach and teammates?
Make your parents proud? Prove your haters wrong?

Maybe you’re addicted to the feeling of winning?

Maybe you want to be the standout player every time you step on the pitch?
Or have a desire to lift trophies, win awards, and leave behind a legacy?

Perhaps you want to win your local league?
Earn a college scholarship? Or sign a pro contract?

Whatever your reasons may be…

This website is going to help you get what you want (and more).

My name is Dylan Tooby

I’m a 30 year old football trainer and the creator of Progressive Soccer Training.

My youth career although successful wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I played on the top teams, was usually one of the better players, and even went on to represent my Province and Nation of Canada in youth soccer.

A football trainer from Canada!?
Why would you waste your time!?

I’ll get to those reasons shortly.

In the meantime just know I’ve helped 100,000s of players improve at the game they love. Many have won personal awards, made higher level teams, earned college scholarships, and even signed professional contracts.

Growing up in Canada becoming a professional soccer player was a dream and not a realistic reality.

At least that is what I was told and believed.

I went on to play College soccer and even received a full scholarship. However, there seemed to be no real future in football for a passionate player from Canada.

Regardless, I continued to play.

This led me to coaching and private training.

For years I spent everyday training players of all different ages and abilities. I held private sessions, small groups, and large training camps. My business and reputation were growing quickly but I knew I was not operating at my full potential.

That’s when I discovered YouTube

The first year was slow.

My videos would only get handful of views but I realized something very important. With one training tutorial I was able to make a positive impact on people all around the world (and that video would stay there and help people forever).

My first YouTube channel was called “The Soccer Essentials”.

Over a few years it grew to 100,000 subscribers but unfortunately YouTube gave me the SLAP and removed my ability to make money from advertisements because I accidentally used copyrighted music in one of my videos (lesson learned).

This however…
ended up being a blessing in disguise.

I decided to start a new channel and re-brand myself under the name:

Progressive Soccer

To date my channel has over 400,000 subscribers and I’m only getting started.

The cool thing about creating YouTube tutorials is it forced me to become a better player. My followers were constantly asking me questions about every part of player development. I had to learn how to increase speed, dribble like Messi, improve stamina, and shoot with more power so I could genuinely explain it to my audience.

I’ve always been a good player but since becoming a YouTuber my game has elevated to new levels. Over the last 5 years I’ve become one of the top players in my league, won countless trophies, earned goal scoring titles, and have had a lot of fun along the way.

My greatest achievement to date was being selected to play for the Canadian National Futsal Team at the age of 30.

But enough about me…

How is this website going to help you?

There are different sections of this website which will help you improve:

The blog contains in-depth articles on different topics about player development. I usually upload a new blog post once per week. If you don’t want to miss it make sure you sign up for the Progressive Soccer newsletter – here.

The video library organizes the best video tutorials from YouTube channel in an easy to navigate format.

100,000s of players around the world have used this content to improve. However, 100,000s of players have also come to this website and not improved. The difference between the two groups was their desire to improve but most importantly their ability to take my ideas and put them into action.

“Knowledge is only power when put into action.”

Once you have done your best to take as much value as possible from the videos tutorials, blog posts, and newsletter you can then take a closer look at the advanced training programs in the “Courses” section.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me, fill out this Contact form.

Where should you start?

Complete the  “Better Today – Quick Course

It’s a 30 minute online course that will make you perform better in your next match or practice.
It’s absolutely free and you can get started – right here

Dylan Tooby
Progressive Soccer